Accredited Calibrations and Repairs for Your Entire Test Equipment & Tooling Inventory

Operating from our corporate-owned facility, the technicians in MAT's 6,000 square foot Accredited Calibration and Repair Laboratory provide expert calibration, repair, and asset management solutions for not only the equipment we sell, but across your entire test & tooling inventory.

We offer unparalleled service on virtually all equipment from all manufacturers, from current generation to unsupported and obsolete equipment, and our capabilities are constantly expanding.

99% of our customers say they’re glad to be doing business with MAT. Request a service quote and find out why they choose to stay with us year after year.

Operate with Assurance


  • Electrical / Electronic, Test & Measurement, Optical, Mechanical, Physical / Dimensional
    • Support for your entire test equipment & tooling inventory
    • Including test equipment from DC to 50 GHz, and specialized testing/medical/industrial equipment & tooling
  • Return-to-Lab and Nationwide Onsite Calibration Services
    • 3-5 day lab turnaround typical, expedited service available
    • Reduce downtime to hours and eliminate shipping costs with onsite service
  • 6,000 square foot state-of-the-art Calibration and Repair Facility
    • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Laboratory
    • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System
    • Accredited 68-degree Cold Room
    • US Military trained technicians, each averaging over 15 years of experience
  • Minor adjustments, cleaning, and complete documentation are included free with every MAT calibration
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating 

We serve customers in nearly all industries, and at competitive prices.



  • Component-Level Test Equipment Repairs
    • DC to 50 GHz & Optical, all manufacturers and vintages, including unsupported and obsolete models
    • Significant savings over OEM fixed price repair costs
    • Extend life of unsupported and discontinued instruments well beyond their announced obsolescence

MAT repairs a wide range of test and measurement equipment from all manufacturers, including unsupported, discontinued and obsolete models. Learn more or Request a Quote here.

Asset Management

  • Equipment Management Solutions
    • Dataview Browser — online access to calibration and service records, certificates, asset lists, recall reports, and more
    • Outsourced calibration and asset management programs
    • Trade-Up and Consignment options for underutilized equipment

MAT offers solutions extending well beyond just calibration and repair. Let us be your partner in maximizing the effectiveness of your recall, calibration, quality, audit support, and asset retirement processes. And since every company is unique, MAT tailors flexible custom support solutions to your exact needs. Learn more or call to discuss your unique requirements.


Lab-Certified Pre-Owned Test Equipment

Buy with Assurance — MATsolutions sells and leases Lab-Certified Pre-Owned Test Equipment from all major manufacturers, often at  30%-70% savings from the original cost.

Operate with Assurance
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Lab
  • ISO 9001:2015. Certified Quality System
  • 6,000 sq ft state-of-the-art Lab and Repair Facility
  • Accredited 68-degree Cold Room
  • US military trained technicians, over 15 years average experience each
  • Quick Turn Times, 3-5 days typical, Expedite Service available
  • Minor adjustments & cleaning free with every MAT calibration
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Return-to-Lab & Nationwide Onsite Calibration Services
    • Electrical / Electronic, Test & Measurement, Optical, Mechanical, Physical / Dimensional instrumentation & tooling
  • Repair Services — component-level test equipment repairs, including unsupported and obsolete models
  • Asset Management Programs
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