On-Site Calibration Services

Our onsite technicians can perform a variety of calibration procedures right in your own facility. Whether an item is too large to transport, cannot be taken out of service for long, or simply cannot leave a facility for administrative reasons; our On-site Services can take care of your calibration needs at your convenience. We have an entire inventory of asset standards dedicated to our onsite services and a fleet of onsite mobile calibration transport units.

On-site services are scheduled nationwide.  Local on-site services are scheduled around your work hours, typically 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, but evenings and weekends are available for additional fee. To schedule an onsite appointment, or ask questions regarding an onsite, call our office services line at (972) 241-2165 and ask for our On-Site Cal sales representative for your area.

On-site Calibration Capability

Our mobile calibration Team is outfitted with the state of the art tooling and equipment.  The setup allows our onsite calibration technicians to perform advanced work on electronics, dimensional equipment, pressure, temperature, tension/force, torque equipment and more. Our mobile laboratory even has a portable surface plate for dimensional calibration, and is equipped with our Fluke 5520A for electronic calibration. Just send us your master list of assets to be calibrated using the form below, and we’ll get back to you immediately with what can be calibrated on-site, or brought back to our Lab for Certification.  In the instances we do not have capabilities to certify a particular item, we will schedule its completion with one of our dozens of approved labs that we work with around the country. 

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