MATrewards™ - A Rewards Program with Real Benefits and Value


MATrewards is a first-of-its-kind rewards program for the Test & Measurement industry.  As you can see below, it is designed to reward MATsolutions customers for their loyalty by providing them tangible and financial value.


Since 99% of MATsolutions' customers are already repeat customers why would we offer MATrewards?  To do business the way it should be done and reward loyalty.  Loyalty is both earned and mutual, and since we benefit from our customers loyalty we think they should too. Want to join? Call 877-825-5077 or click now.

 MATrewards Program


Gold Level


Platinum Level

Lab-Certified Pre-Owned Test & Measurement Equipment

6-month Warranty
(plus Priority Bench Service and Free Return Shipping)
12-month Warranty
(plus Priority Bench Service and Free Return Shipping)
1st year Return-to-Lab Level I Calibration * 1st year Return-to-Lab Level I Calibration *
   Free Express Shipping on all purchases

Accredited Calibration & Repair Services

Priority Service and Scheduling Priority Service and Scheduling
  Free Dataview Browser Access
   Repair Evaluation Fees Waived

What It Takes

All it takes for your company to become a Gold Level member is for MATsolutions to become an approved vendor in your purchasing system—and we'll even help with the paperwork! That's right, no purchase is required!
Ready to join? Call 877-825-5077 or click now.
Once a company has purchased $250,000 of products and services, it automatically moves to the Platinum Level (and will stay there as long as that level of purchases, over a two year period, is maintained).**
Want an example? Call 877-825-5077 or



*  Shipping not included, regular charges apply    
** Taxes and shipping charges are not considered purchases      


The Fine Print

The MATrewards program is available to MATsolutions end-user customers based in the United States. Customers outside of the U.S., equipment dealers and resellers are not eligible for MATrewards.

Business the Way It Should Be Done

Since our inception in 1992, selling, calibrating, and servicing electronic test and measurement equipment has been our business.


We have always prided ourselves on honesty and integrity, on doing business the way it should be done.

So when we introduced MATrewards in 2013, we introduced it the only way we could - by immediately extending its benefits to those who had already earned them, our existing customers.

Would your equipment and service vendor do that?