Keithley Instruments 4200 Semiconductor Characterization System


Key Features & Specifications

  • Precision DC Current-Voltage (I-V) measurements are the foundation of a full characterization plan.

  • AC Impedance, including the well known Capacitance-Voltage (C-V) technique, provides information beyond what DC alone can provide.

  • Pulsed and transient testing adds a time domain dimension and allows for dynamic characteristics to be explored.

The 4200-SCS is modular, configurable and upgradeable. This allows it to precisely meet today’s measurement needs and to expand to meet tomorrow’s. Four core measurement modules can be mixed and matched in the nine instrument slots.

  • Up to nine precision DC Source-Measure units can supply voltage or current and measure voltage or current from 0.1fA to 1A and from 1μV to 210V.

  • AC Impedance testing is easy with the Model 4210-CVU Multi-Frequency C-V Module, at test frequencies from 1kHz to 10MHz. Capacitance from aF to μF can be measured.

  • Pulse and transient measurements can be performed with the Model 4225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V module. This module has two independent voltage sources that can slew the voltage at 1V/ns while simultaneously measuring both the voltage and the current. When multiple modules are installed, they are internally  ynchronized to less than 3ns.

  • A choice of two different digital oscilloscope modules makes digitizing waveforms easy and efficient.


The Model 4200-SCS is a total system solution for electrical characterization of devices, materials and semiconductor processes. This advanced parameter analyzer provides intuitive and sophisticated capabilities for semiconductor device characterization by combining unprecedented measurement sensitivity and accuracy with an embedded WindowsR-based operating system and the Keithley Interactive Test Environment. It is a powerful single box solution.

To get a complete picture of any device or material, three fundamental electrical measurement techniques are required. The Model 4200-SCS offers all three. The Keithley Interactive Test Environment (KITE) supplies a complete, graphical user interface that allows nearly any type of characterization test to be performed with no programming required. Over 400 standard characterization tests are provided, including those for: MOSFETs, BJT transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, solar cells, carbon nanotubes, and NVM memory technologies such as Flash, RRAM, PCRAM, and others. Data is stored in industry standard spreadsheet formats. Any measured or calculated data can be graphed in KITE’s sophisticated, report-ready graphing tool.


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