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Key Features & Specifications

Four Operating Modes

Four built-in operating modes simplify programming and integrating Series 3400 instruments with

other test hardware, such as oscilloscopes, Keithley’s Series 2600 and 2400 lines, low level instruments,

and the Model 4200-SCS system:

Pulse mode delivers a single pulse per trigger event to the outputs. The pulse’s delay and duration

(duty cycle) are programmable.

Burst mode sources a “burst” of 2–65,536 pulses per trigger event, with pulses configured much

like the single pulses produced in pulse mode.

Pattern mode delivers a programmable pattern per trigger event to the outputs. Users can

program a unique pattern or select from a library of pre-configured patterns. The pattern may be

presented in either NRZ (non-return to zero) or RZ (return to zero) formats. In NRZ mode, the

pattern crossing point is programmable. In RZ mode, the duration (duty cycle) of the pulse is


External width mode produces a pulse level that follows the edges of the signal on the Ext In input. A rising edge causes the output to go high; a falling edge causes the output to go low.


The Model 3402-F, Front Connector, is a dual-channel pulse/pattern generator and is ideal for applications that require sourcing multiple streams of pulses or patterns simultaneously. It can source pulses at frequencies ranging from 1mHz to 165MHz with pulse amplitudes of up to Tone10V (with 50 source impedance or Tone20V (with 1kTone source impedance). Pulse widths ranging from less than 3ns to 1000s in length can be programmed, with rise times as short as 2ns.

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Used Keithley Instruments 3402-F Dual-Channel Pulse/Pattern Generator 1mHz to 165MHz

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