Xantrex (now Sorensen) XFR60-20 Single Output, 60V, 20A, 1200W Power Supply


Key Features & Specifications

  • Zero voltage “Soft Switching”
  • Simultaneous front panel display of output voltage and current
  • Constant voltage or constant current operation
  • Remote sense with 5 V line loss compensation
  • LabVIEW® and LabWindows® drivers
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection


XFR is the smart choice for research, product development and production test applications such as R&D, magnet control, product design, ATE, process control, electroplating and burn-in. The unique features of XFR make it the best choice for OEM applications where high power and a wide adjustment of output voltage or current are required in a full 19-inch rack package. Choose from twenty 2800-watt and 1200-watt models.

Zero voltage, or "soft" switching, provides significant benefits. Switching transients are virtually eliminated and noise performance is closer to linear levels. Efficiency is increased, heat generation is decreased, and stress on the switching transistors is reduced - improving reliability (MTBF). Unlike most competitive products, XFR generates full power at full rated current over its total operating range of 0 to 50° C without derating. XFR is also designed with excellent thermal management, so units can be stacked in rack mounts without leaving ventilation space between each unit. The low thermal generation and high efficiency of "soft" switching technology allows for the packaging of 1200 watts in a 1.75-inch (1 U) high, 19-inch rack mount chassis, providing 20% more power than any competitive product in the same size package.

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Used Xantrex (now Sorensen) XFR60-20 Single Output, 60V, 20A, 1200W Power Supply

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