Used Frequency Counters

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MATsolutions offers a variety of frequency counters: general purpose, RF and microwave frequency counters; universal frequency counters and time interval analyzers; single and multiple channel frequency counters.

A frequency counter is an electronic instrument that used for measuring frequency, or the number of events of a particular sort occurring in a set period of time. Such instruments can also measure precise intervals of time, and operate from low frequency audio to RF and microwave frequency ranges.

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Sell to MATsolutions and Receive a 12-Month Calibration Discount

With a qualified sell to MATsolutions, you will receive up to a 20% discount off your company’s entire list of test & measurement tool/equipment calibrations for the next 12 months in our state-of-the-art Accredited Lab in Irving, Texas or from our national on-site calibration teams. MATsolutions provides expert test equipment calibration, repairs and preventive maintenance with quick turnaround times on even the most complex calibrations of electronic test equipment, mechanical, physical/dimensional, and specialized tools and instrumentation.

Calibration % Discounts are based upon value of equipment sold to MATsolutions by customer, as well as quantity of units to be calibrated for customer.  Please see your Sales Representative for more information.