Dataview Browser

Spending too much time and money managing your equipment?

Administrative costs associated with tracking and managing equipment can negatively impact your bottom line. MATsolutions can solve this with our Dataview Browser.

The Dataview Browser is an online equipment management resource. This comprehensive, web-based, asset information management system is designed to help your business save time, save money and increase productivity.

Manage All Your Assets, All the Time, All in One Place

Our web-based Dataview Browser gives you 24/7 access to all your assets. 

As a calibration customer of MATsolutions, you have anytime access via a portal on our website to log in, view and print Master Asset reports and Calibration Certs (complete historical events), as well as run recall lists. All your certifications are online and, should you need them, printable via a PDF file at any time.

Dataview Browser Features

  • View all your assets in one place
  • View your equipment event history
  • View images of your equipment
  • Create, run and print a variety of common reports
  • View calibration certifications

Sophisticated asset management software like this can often come at a high price. But at MATsolutions, we believe asset management is such a critical part of equipment maintenance that we provide the Dataview Browser interface to our calibration customers at no additional charge.



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