Test power supplies for efficiency to comply with regulatory standards

In the 1990s, experts calculated that without efforts to increase efficiencies and reduce "no-load" power consumption, external power supplies—the ones used to power everything from cell-phones to game consoles and laptops—would account for a shocking 30 percent of total energy consumption in less than 20 years. Power draw has improved, but now requires testing to prove that power supplies can meet regulations.


MATsolutions' insight:


Power supplies have been observed to have a large amount of energy consumption in the 1990s. To improve this, regulations were put in place to lessen the amount of consumption. Since they were put in place, the EPA has estimated that "external power supply efficiency regulations implemented over the past decade have reduced energy consumption by 32 billion kilowatts, saving $2.5 billion annually and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 24 million tons per year." While this is an improvement, it is important to test the efficiency of power supplies to ensure they are meeting the regulations - the power analyzer is the best tool for the job. 


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