Understanding oscilloscope bandwidth enhancement techniques

"Data communication rates have soared in recent years and there is every reason to believe that this trend will accelerate. Information speeds that were less than 1 Gb/sec have surpassed 10 Gb/sec. Optical communication is greater than 100 Gb/sec, with 1 Tb/sec down the road. RF wireless communications is in the mid-gigahertz range, and RF and optical communications comply with mandates by means of innovative types of modulation and low-amplitude signals. High-bandwidth oscilloscopes are required to debug these new system designs. As a result, oscilloscope designers are introducing instruments extending beyond 70 GHz."


MATsolutions' insight:


When you need your oscilloscope to have a higher bandwidth, it is beneficial to know the different techniques such as RIS, DSP boosting and Raw Hardware Performance that can help you. What technique do you like to use? 


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