Making Power Supply Transient Recovery Time Measurements with Digital Multimeters | Tektronix

By Josh Brown
Transient recovery time, simply put, is duration of time needed for a power supply to return to its set level after a load is applied. Those of us who do not design power supplies have a tendency to take this for granted, applying whatever loading circuitry we are working on until, perhaps, the supply performance degrades to the point it impacts our own work. Power supplies are a little like people, if you ask more from them than they are capable of, they won’t perform like you might expect.

MATsolutions' insight:


Transient recovery time is important to measure to make sure you are not causing the equipment to underperform. 



This post provides insight on how to measure transient recovery time by walking through the method using the LM25088MH-1EVL evaluation board from Texas Instruments. 

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