Keeping pace with increasingly intelligent machines

A modern automobile has millions of lines of code, which can range in functionality from engine control to navigation to automated seat adjustment. While no off-highway vehicle currently incorporates this many ECUs, National Instruments is quite sure this level of software integration is most certainly on the horizon for agriculture and construction equipment.


Everyone who has used a webpage, phone app, or other consumer software product is aware that errors in software are common and expected. The challenge is that in the consumer space, these errors are typically resolved with a quick reset of the application with relatively little impact to the user (lost data excluded).

However, when this paradigm is applied to an electromechanical system these errors can have catastrophic consequences if they are present when the customer operates the machine.


MATsolutions' insight:

As embedded devices become more advanced, engineers are facing significant challenges to ensuring the quality of these  on time and on budget.


To keep pace with this rapidly evolving complexity while also ensuring safe, high-quality vehicles, development teams must evolve the methods organizations use to design and validate embedded software.

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