Will IoT Sensors Lead to Test Headaches?

"As any experienced engineer knows, sensors are the most vulnerable part of a system. Due to their inherent role, sensors are exposed to the nasty real world of moisture, vibration, temperature, and other physical stresses to a lesser or greater extent. Sometimes the exposure is directly due to what is being monitored, but often it is a side effect of monitoring some other parameter. Regardless of the cause, sensors live a much harder life than the electronics on the typical PC board, even if that board is in an automotive environment. 

The problem is that as we add IoT sensors to everything, we'll be seeing more false positives and negatives that will be harder and harder to test and assess. Soon, planning for how to test the veracity and credibility of the many readings and alarm indicators will become a larger part of the project."

MATsolutions' insight:

Have you experienced too much IoT-like sensor information causing false alarms, and subsequent unnecessary shutdowns of the system, or just ignoring of all alarms?

The number and types of sensors are growing significantly. EE Times discusses how this also could result in many unforeseen system-oversight implications.

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