What Every Engineer Should Know about Oscilloscope Probes: Passive vs Active

I’ll bet you have quite the stock of random probes on your bench. And, you’ve inevitably reached for a probe and made a measurement without even knowing which probe you were using. I’m guilty, too. Probe selection can seem awfully confusing, so we often resort to this “random selection.”


The fact is, probe selection can significantly affect your measurement, so let’s break this down and walk through the one simple thing every engineer should know about oscilloscope probes: what the difference is between passive and active. Use this guide as the first step to better, more accurate measurements.

MATsolutions' insight:

Do you have a random stock of probes on your bench? Probe selection can seem confusing at times and it's also proven that the choice significantly can affect your measurement.

This guide will walk you through the first step to better, more accurate measurements.

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