Researchers Create Technology to Produce Lighter, Long-Lasting Batteries from Silicon

Substantially smaller and longer-lasting batteries for everything from portable electronic devices to electric cars could be come a reality thanks to an innovative technology developed by University of Waterloo researchers.

MATsolutions' insight:

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have found a way to increase the energy of lithium-ion batteries quite substantially. By replacing graphite anodes (which are typically used in li-ion batteries) with silicon anode materials, the researchers found that battery capacities could be increased to ten times their current level. If implemented in every day technology, everything from smartphones, to wearables, to cars will be able to last a whole lot longer between charges.

So how long until consumers can see this battery technology increase technological life span? Professor Chen of the University of Waterloo expects these batteries to hit the market some time next year. 

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