Femtosecond Lasers Drive a New Generation of Network Vector Analyzers
Source: spectrum.ieee.org


Higher-resolution, lower-cost circuit and component analysis from ultrashort laser pulses


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MATsolutions' insight:

Lasers are often used for precisely measuring signal strength and phase in electrical components. This new laser-driven terahertz vector network analyzer may be able to make this technology even more precise at a lower cost. As Douglas McCormick reports, "by using a VNA to precisely plot the signal amplitude and phase over time, designers and troubleshooters can see how signals are transmitted and reflected by components and connectors. This lets them characterize signal scattering and timing shifts that can affect a design’s performance." With just one piece of hardware, the vector network analyzer offers broad frequency bandwidth which spans three orders of magnitude, yet is still cheap thanks to falling costs of femtosecond laser sources. To learn more, read the full article from IEEE Spectrum.