US Is Falling Behind The World On LTE Speeds


OpenSignal's most recent report about the state of global LTE coverage and download speeds tells some familiar stories. As we've seen in previous years, it's Asian nations such as South Korea,...


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MATsolutions' insight:

Is the US falling behind in internet speeds? Although it may seem like cellular carriers are keeping up with LTE, when compared to other countries worldwide, the US has a lot of catching up to do.

This article provides two charts, the first showing LTE coverage nationwide compared to other countries, and the second depicting LTE download speeds. In terms of LTE coverage, the US ranks ninth worldwide. This may not be terrible, but there is a large gap between the US and South Korea, indicating there is room for much improvement. The chart showing download speeds pins the US dead last. When compared to countries such as New Zealand, the US cannot even compare. 

Is there a way for us to increase speeds and catch up to the rest of the world? With the impending launch of 5G technology, we can hope for faster speeds in the near future. But even then, will we forever be playing catch up to other countries worldwide?