Need for Speed: Verizon to Test its 5G Network in 2016


"It wasn’t too long ago that 4G LTE was a luxury, particularly for those outside of the US. These days, LTE is quite common even in most of the rural US, and has quickly found its way to a good portion of the international world as well. There are still plenty of markets around the US and the globe without blazing fast speeds, but it is amazing how quickly things have changed. Of course, technology doesn’t hold still, and so it is no surprise that Verizon is already preparing for the next jump in mobile broadband."


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MATsolutions' insight:

Though reports keep indicating a launch of 5G technology is still likely a few years off, new information revealed today states that Verizon Wireless may already begin network tests as early as next year. That's right, Verizon is expected to begin 5G wireless testing sometime in 2016. We do not know when it will begin, nor do we know how long testing will continue before nationwide deployment, but it is still nice to see that the technology is gaining ground.