NYC Could Equip Trash Cans With Wi-Fi Hot Spots

New York City has made improving Internet access a priority; the latest iteration involves turning trash bins into Wi-Fi hot spots.
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MATsolutions' insight:

New York City may soon get a boost in Wi-Fi coverage thanks to...trash cans? That's right, waste management intelligence company, Bigbelly, makes waste receptacles that provide Wi-Fi, and has begun trials in Manhattan. These early tests provide 50-75 Mbps of throughput.

Mayor de Blasio has focused on increasing internet access during his time in office, so it is not surprising that Bigbelly is looking for grant funding from de Blasio's office. The Alliance for Downtown New York has already installed 174 solar-powered Bigbelly trash receptacles which can be updated to support the Wi-Fi technology. The hope is that this technology will provide internet access to areas of the city that are underserved by Wi-Fi. Mayor de Blasio wants his bold internet access plan to create "the fastest and largest municipal Wi-Fi network in the world – accessible to and free for all New Yorkers and visitors alike," and this project is another step towards his end goal.