SoftBank to Carry Out 4.5G Tests in Tokyo by Year-End
SoftBank said it plans to work with various vendors on so-called "4.5G" technology.
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MATsolutions' insight:

4G LTE technology has been widely adopted by many carriers around the world, and talks of 5G technology suggest that the launch of this technology may be just a few years off. But Japanese carrier SoftBank refuses to wait to upgrade data speeds.

SoftBank has said that it plans to test what the company is calling "4.5G" technology by working with various venders, creating a network with speeds between 4G and 5G. SoftBank also hopes to increase network capacity to meet the growing traffic demand in Japan. The company’s senior director for wireless city planning says that SoftBank will be working with Huawei and ZTE to meet the company's goals.

It is unclear exactly what speeds this "4.5G" technology may provide, but we can expect theoretical download speeds to be anywhere between 200 Mbps and 1 Gbps.