How it works: First look at Ericsson's 5G mobile device

In this edition of “How it works,” Keith Shank, director of Ericsson's Advanced Technology Lab explains what Ericsson's new 5G mobile device can do.
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MATsolutions' insight:

Ericsson is testing its first 5G device in Texas and Sweden, and you can get a first look in the video posted by RCRWireless. As stated in this article, the device "uses a 200 megahertz-wide channel at 13 gigahertz spectrum and is currently capable of 5.7 Gbps downlink speed," which is much faster than current wireless speeds. One area where 5G is expected to improve upon past iterations of wireless is in the cutting down of latency, which this device does successfully. The testing of this device proves we are inching closer and closer towards the release of 5G technology in the coming years.