Google survey finds more than five million users infected with adware

Ad-injecting malware is one of the most reliable scams on the web. Once a computer's infected, the virus will drop new ads into any site it visits, sending ad revenue back to the scammers who...
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Do you remember the days of trying to fight adware and remove it from your computer? A number of software programs promised to rid it from your system, or at least detect it so you could remove it. Well, it turns out adware is still alive and kicking. A study by Google has found that more than five million users are infected, and that may be an understatement. 

For those that don't know, adware is an ad-injecting malware scam that works by first infecting a computer, then dropping new ads into any site it visits, which allows ad revenue to go back to the scammers controlling it. Even if you know the name of the adware in the system, you are unable to remove it. Researchers have long been hoping for a change, particularly by Google, to combat adware on the internet. Now, Google is finally stepping up to the plate.

Google announced last month that they have stopped accepting AdWords ads for free desktop software. This is important because adware often spreads by grouping with free online software. Most importantly, Google is now working with researchers to crack down on adware, and the new effort should help to greatly reduce the number of users infected with malware over time. 

For more on this topic, head on over to The Verge to read the article in its entirety. 

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