Long-Range Iris Scanning Is Here (and It's Creepy)

An engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon says he’s invented technology that can identify someone from across the room with the precision of a fingerprint.
MATsolutions' insight:

Iris scanning technology has been around for quite some time now. The US uses it to keep records of prisoners, India uses it to give certain government benefits to citizens, and the United Arab Emirates uses it to scan everyone entering and leaving the country. So what is different about the iris scanning technology being announced today? Distance.

A professor at Carnegie Mellon University claims to have invented long-range iris scanning technology that is capable of identifying people from across the room. As reported in this article, there are potential positives to using this technology, including helping police officers identify dangerous suspects. However, there are potential negatives as well. Some are concerned about privacy, including government spying by identifying individuals in public. 

Despite worries of privacy invasion, developers of iris scanning technology insist that they invent technology to benefit society. Only time will tell how this new tech gets implemented.

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