UH Researchers Create Lens to Turn Smartphone into Microscope - University of Houston

Lens Could Give Schools, Clinics Low-Cost Alternative to Conventional Equipment
MATsolutions' insight:

Researchers at the University of Houston have developed cheap lenses that can turn a smartphone into a microscope. The lenses, which can be made for as little as three cents a piece, amplify images by a magnitude of 120. The lenses attach to smartphones without any supporting mechanisms, and can easily be removed when necessary. 

Primary applications for these lenses are educational - researchers say students can use them as microscopes, sharing images easily by text message. The low cost of production means that if they are broken, replacements will also be cheap. The graduate students at UH have started a crowdfunding campaign to fund the development of these lenses in bulk, and you can donate on Indiegogo to help their cause. 

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