Report: Apple Watch hits nearly 1M pre-orders in U.S. on first day, Sport most popular

An estimated 957,000 Apple Watch pre-orders were placed in the U.S. on Friday April 10; the first day Apple’s highly-anticipated smartwatch went on sale.
MATsolutions' insight:

It appears as though Apple may have a very successful launch for the Apple Watch. Preorders have reportedly surpassed the 1 million mark, with a launch day not set until April 24. Though faced with much criticism, it seems like the desire for wearable tech may in fact be great enough to make the Apple Watch very profitable - if you have an iPhone.

Making text messages, emails, and other notifications available on your wrist, the Apple Watch wants to be your assistant allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket. What do you think? Do you find wearable technology useful? If so, will you be ordering an Apple Watch? 

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