Oscilloscopes to help circuit designers progress from prototypes to production introduced by Keysight

SANTA ROSA, Calif., 24 March 2015. Keysight Technologies Inc. in Santa Rosa, Calif., is introducing the Infiniium V-series oscilloscopes for circuit designers and engineers to make rapid progress from first silicon to eventual product release.
MATsolutions' insight:

Keysight Technologies will introduce Infiniium V-Series oscilloscopes, which will help circuit designers and engineers reach product release faster. As this article states, "when engineers are designing high-speed digital products or components, they need a test & measurement oscilloscope to help them debug, validate and optimize their designs, perform precompliance tests, discover the root cause of failures, and make the most of design margins. The Infiniium V-series offers engineers the capability to perform these tests faster and more accurately, allowing them to get their products to market faster and with more confidence in design quality."

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