Stress-testing diameter signaling

Diameter signaling is becoming more important with the evolution and growth of LTE networks; Spirent discusses the testing aspects.
MATsolutions' insight:

There is no doubt that mobile data networks are being put under increasing strain from year to year. According to Cisco, "global mobile data traffic grew by 69% in 2014, and 26% of global wireless connections are expected to be on LTE networks by 2019, up from 6% last year."

While coverage increases and LTE continues to expand, it seems as though the number of people accessing mobile data networks is increasing at an even faster rate. Spirent, a network, devices and services testing company, is working to address diameter signal growth, offering a solution for stress-testing diameter capacity within networks. The Landslide solution is a network element load tester that "enables the loading of diameter interfaces across a network through either the use of Landslide as a network emulator or in using it to inject mobile handset traffic into a real platform." Such a solution allows the optimization of the signaling plane, which may be necessary for mobile networks moving forward.

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