Smartphones could be charged in 60 seconds with new battery

An iPhone 6 takes around two hours to charge but could be full of power in a minute if fitted with a new aluminium battery
MATsolutions' insight:

While we continue to make great strides in technology, the power supporting our devices seems unable to keep up. Our batteries deplete throughout the day, then take hours to recharge. What good are our devices if they don't even power on? This may all be about to change, thanks to scientists at Stanford University. New battery technology, using aluminum batteries instead of lithium-ion, can recharge in less than a minute and withstand up to 7,500 charge cycles. Along with these benefits, the new batteries are also safer, and better for the environment. Currently, the batteries only produce half the voltage of lithium-ion batteries, but researchers say they expect to increase that over the next few years. 

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