Test and Measurement News Roundup: New 3D Printing Technology, Stress-Testing Diameter Signaling, and More!

This month's news roundup focuses on new 3D printing technology, expansion of LTE coverage, stress-testing diameter signaling, and other interesting topics. Don't forget to check out the MATsolutions Industry News page for weekly information, ranging from tips on equipment maintenance, to purchasing and safety, to useful "how to's" and industry news.

Here are some recent highlights:

New Liquid 3D Printing System Is 25 Times Faster Than Its Competitors: 3D printing is quickly becoming more and more popular, but printing speeds can be slow. One company, called Carbon 3D, is annihilating competition with speeds between 25 and 100 times faster. Gizmodo has the story.

LTE Reaches Half a Billion Users Worldwide: While we wait in anticipation for 5G technology to begin implementation, it's good to see that LTE is quickly being adopted. Light Reading reports that half a billion users worldwide now have access to the ultra-fast technology.

Stress-testing diameter signaling: There is no doubt that mobile data networks are being put under increasing strain from year to year. RCR Wireless News reports that according to Cisco, "global mobile data traffic grew by 69% in 2014, and 26% of global wireless connections are expected to be on LTE networks by 2019, up from 6% last year." While coverage increases and LTE continues to expand, it seems as though the number of people accessing mobile data networks is increasing at an even faster rate. Spirent, a network, devices and services testing company, is working to address diameter signal growth, offering a solution for stress-testing diameter capacity within networks. The Landslide solution is a network element load tester that "enables the loading of diameter interfaces across a network through either the use of Landslide as a network emulator or in using it to inject mobile handset traffic into a real platform." Such a solution allows the optimization of the signaling plane, which may be necessary for mobile networks moving forward.

Friday Quiz: Oscilloscopes and Noise: Our favorite quiz this month focuses on oscilloscopes and noise. You may not be able to eliminate noise, but there are certainly ways to reduce it. Head on over to EE Times to take this quiz.

98% of Americans have access to LTE, As part of Obama's Broadband Plan: After government funding to bring wireless access up to speed, LTE now covers 98% of Americans. Granted this kind of coverage is only provided by Verizon (other wireless companies are not as extensive), but it is a good indication that wireless connectivity in the United States is strengthening. Still, the U.S. has a lot of work to do to catch up to other data-strong nations. Click here to read the full story.