Test and Measurement News Roundup: 5G, Infrared Microwave Technology, and More

Our news roundup for this week focuses on 5G network testing equipment, infrared microwave technology, and other interesting topics. Check out the MATsolutions Industry News page for more topics like these, ranging from tips on equipment maintenance, to purchasing and safety, to useful "how to's" and industry news.

5G technology is inching closer and closer to reality: New testing equipment is being created to test the new wireless systems, and one of the first testing instruments comes from our friends at Keysight Technologies. You can find out more here.

Are flexible, paper-thin computer screens coming soon? Researchers at Japan's National Institute for Materials Science are making improvements in transistors that may soon bring such technology to market. This article has the scoop.

Ever wonder how the Titanic was built over one hundred years ago? The video found here details the engineering of the vessel, along with the Olympic, a sister ship.

Infrared microwave technology will now let you watch as your food cooks through: Gizmodo reports that by changing colors, infrared microwave technology shows you temperature changes as your food heats up. Could this be the new standard for microwaves?