Test and Measurement News Roundup: A New Fiber Alternative, Our Favorite Friday Quiz, and More!

Here's our next news roundup, focusing on a new fiber alternative to data transmission, our favorite Friday quiz, and other interesting topics. Don't forget to check out the MATsolutions Industry News page for weekly information, ranging from tips on equipment maintenance, to purchasing and safety, to useful "how to's" and industry news.

Here are some recent highlights:

Analog Resolution vs. Accuracy: How many bits in an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) will provide your desired level of resolution in an analog measurement? As this article explains, it's a trick question.

Report: Google's Finalizing a $1 Billion Investment in SpaceX Internet: Will Google back Elon Musk's bold dream to provide internet from space? According to this report, Google may back the proposed project with $1 billion. This project would make internet available worldwide, especially to underdeveloped regions.

Analysis of the Global Dimensional Metrology Market in the Automotive Industry: This study provides an in-depth analysis of the global dimensional metrology market in the automotive industry. The article summary highlights key findings like: North America and Europe are likely to remain the research and development (R&D) hubs for the automotive industry and continue attracting demand for high accuracy dimensional metrology equipment for R&D applications. As with many new technologies, concern exists over the durability of components and systems, particularly within hostile environments; therefore, improvements in technology and the subsequent increase in user confidence is expected only in the long term.

Friday Quiz: Oscilloscope Probing: What do you know about oscilloscope probing? Test your knowledge by taking our favorite EETimes quiz of the month!

How this fiber alternative boosts IoT: Ready for the data deluge in 2015?: Discussed in this article, a new fiber alternative to data transmission is a wireless product with the capability of fiber. According to the product developers: "We took millimeter waves and optic waves and created an advanced wavelength technology."