MATsolutions New Lab Capabilities: Gamma Scientific RS-10D

The third in our series of posts that provides a look inside the MATsolutions accredited calibration and repair lab features the Gamma Scientific RS-10D light measuring instrument. We calibrate and repair over 25,000 assets annually in our 6,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art lab, which includes a full range of capabilities from test equipment, mechanical & physical/dimensional devices and tooling, and specialized measurements such as temperature, humidity, and light.  The Gamma Scientific RS-10D is just one of our most recent and advanced acquisitions being covered in this series, which also include:

Gamma Scientific RS-10D

Overview: The Gamma Scientific RS-10D is a precision source of radiant flux, used primarily to calibrate light measuring instrumentation and as stimuli to measure detection devices. Tungsten halogen lamps are used to maintain almost constant radiant flux output. Precision shunt current measurement and comparison circuits built into the unit power these sources with ultra-stable constant-current to maintain precise levels of light output.

Used for calibration of: Spectroradiometers, radiometers, photometers, and detector responsivity.  The RS-10D measures both relectance and transmittance, and reports in units of luminance, radiance, illuminance, and irradiance over a 300-1100 nm calibrated wavelength range.

Importance of the Gamma Scientific RS-10D in the MATsolutions lab: MATsolutions believes it’s important to have as broad a range of test & measurement, mechanical and physical/dimensional capabilities as possible under one roof, and is continually growing and expanding our offerings. The Gamma Scientific RS-10D is one such example, and allows us to provide:

  • Faster turnaround time – typically 3-5 days ;
  • Better value – with all the work being done directly by MATsolutions, there’s no additional 3rd party mark-up
  • Single point of accountability – keeping the work in-house means we have full control over the quality of the work, from start to finish.

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