Back to School: Advice from Engineers

Usually, we try to offer news and advice engineers can use, but it's back-to-school season. So today, we turn the tables and ask you: What did you do right in college? and, what would you do differently? You - our clients - have a tremendous amount of knowledge, and even more importantly, real-world engineering experience. Share it, and you'll help improve the future of engineering.

That sounds like a lofty goal, but we're engineers, after all. We aim high and follow through. And while real life doesn’t offer “do-overs,” engineers really understand the value of learning from errors.

Tips for Engineering Students

We know our customers have plenty of experience and probably some great tips for engineering students. If you share your advice and experience with us, we’ll share it here, and on Facebook and Twitter, for all to see.

A few questions to help formulate your advice:

  • Would you have stuck around to get an MBA?
  • Do you have advice for undergrads to improve their odds of getting a paid internship?
  • What do you wish you'd known "back then" about test and measurement?
  • How could you have been better prepared to meet real-world demands re: accuracy and reliability?
  • Did your field(s) of interest change while you were a student - or after you graduated?
  • What should you consider when choosing an opportunity or considering an employer?

Please leave your comments here or post to us on Twitter or Facebook.

We Value Your Engineering Experience

Thanks! We know we can count on our clients to help ensure the "continuous improvement" of the engineering profession.

P.S. We also value your privacy. If you want to share with us, but not see your name in social media lights, just send your advice in a message.

Originally published 8/2013; updated and republished 8/2015