Shiny and New vs. Tried and True: Old Test Equipment Hard to Let Go

Shiny objects have a certain appeal, sure, but when it comes to testing equipment, what really matters is accuracy and reliability.  Measurement Assurance Technology has always supported its customers and their aging equipment, offering calibration and repair on unsupported and obsolete units, along with the sale of lab-certified, pre-owned test equipment.

Martin Rowe, Senior Editor of EE Times, admitted to a bit of dismay earlier this month when Agilent Technologies announced the "aging workhorse" 34401A multimeter would be usurped by the (new and shiny) 34461A.

If you felt the same way Rowe did ("What? You mean my workhorse multimeter is being discontinued?") don't worry, we've got you covered - we support that old workhorse and countless others.

In fact, we'd like to issue a challenge. We bet we can support the oldest piece of equipment you've got.

Tell us about  your oldest "workhorse," and we'll tell you if we can service it.

In fact, if you'd like to be featured here or on our Facebook or Twitter page,  send us a picture of you and your old workhorse in action. Let's see what you've got! We bet we can help you keep it running.