Does Measurement and Testing Ever Take a Day Off?

On national holidays like July 4, it’s customary to wave flags and celebrate our love for the United States of America. And no matter how critical your testing, product development schedule, or certification requirements, we sincerely hope you take the day off to enjoy Independence Day.

At Measurement Assurance Technology, our employees have the day off, and we wouldn’t presume to tell them how to celebrate.

Measurement Assurance Technology is a veteran-owned business, and many of the company’s employees are military veterans. In the Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy, they gained valuable experience not only in calibrating and repairing test equipment, but also in more important things, like the value of teamwork, training, trust, commitment and honor.

We hold our veterans in the highest regard, and are proud to employ veterans here at Measurement Assurance Technology, on our country’s birthday, and every day.

If you’re looking for a 4th of July “birthday” party in Texas, you can probably find one near you on the Texas Veteran’s Blog. If you’re looking for a test equipment, calibration and repair partner, you can look to us anytime. Except tomorrow, on the 4th of July, because we’ll be closed.

Happy 4th of July to our employees, customers, and veterans everywhere.

Originally published July 2013; Updated July 2014