JDSU ANT-20 Advanced Network Tester


Key Features & Specifications

  • kit for SDH/SONET bit rates up to STM-64/OC-192 including jitter and wander testing
  • Platform offering SDH, SONET, PDH, DSn, and ATM capabilities
  • Fully featured configurations, including BERT, errors, alarms, performance and pointer analysis and synchronization testing
  • Pinpoint troubleshooting of in-service networks
  • Complemented by a lot of easy-access, automated test features
  • Large, color touch screen plus graphical results presentation


The JDSU ANT-20 Advanced Network Tester has established itself as the leading tester for advanced digital networks. Packed with power and features, the ANT-20 is a powerful all-rounder for SDH and SONET backbone testing. Application areas include development labs, acceptance, conformance, and functional testing in production, and even the troubleshooting of in-service networks. The ANT20 product family delivers today what other products promise for tomorrow, including SDH, SONET, PDH, ATM, and Jitter.

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