Tektronix (Tek) DL11 Delay Line


Key Features & Specifications

  • 47.5 ns Compensated Dual Delay Line
  • 5 GHz Bandwidth
  • Calibration Step Generator
  • 250 mV
  • Verifies Specifications of SD14, SD20, SD22, SD24, SD26 Sampling Heads
  • SIU800
  • <40 PS Reflected Rise Time When Used with SD24
  • <80 mp Reflection Coefficient Line


The DL11 Delay Line provides approximately 47.5 ns of delay from the signal input to the signal output. The DL11 contains two delay lines that, when connected, allow you to view the triggering event through the 11801C or CSA803C. The DL11 has approximately 5 GHz bandwidth and attenuates the signal by 50%.

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Used Tektronix (Tek) DL11 Delay Line

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